Friday, September 17, 2010

Mo & Ozzy

Hi everyone!  Before I start, I wanted to apologize for the earlier post, my youngest son Noah came down with a virus, so I did not get a chance to send out emails.  They will go out this week, and thank you to those who have emailed me thus far!

On another note, I would like to introduce Monica from Mo & Ozzy on Etsy, who is a wonderful and kind lady, and who I had the pleasure of donating a bracelet to in the last shower!  Thank you Monica for sharing your story!

I'm Monica McDonald and I'm a yarn addict. And a shoe addict. And a paper addict. And, well, you get the idea! I have a tendancy to be a hesitant person, but once I jump in the pool, I don't get out! 
I was raised in beautiful, rainy, grey and green Western Washington, but somehow ended up in the mountains and desert in Utah! The things we do for love, huh? I've got a great, sweet, handsome hubby who is a great dad to our two boys. I participated in the Summer Etsy Baby Shower as both a donating shop and a recipient. It was a great experience and I'm so excited to donate again for fall! 
My shop, Mo & Ozzy, started after my first son was born. I had been an elementary school teacher before he was born, and now, as a stay at home mom, I was lonely, isolated, and feeling down. I made a caterpillar hat for him and had tons of compliments. I'd made hats back in college, so I got down to work, designed and made a few more and started my shop! It was a great pick me up for me to feel productive and I found crochet super relaxing. I've made lots of amazing friends in the handmade community and continue to love every minute of it! 
My shop specializes in hats, of course, and includes acrylic winter hats, cotton hats for warmer weather, and wool hats. I also create sweaters, booties, dresses, leg warners, bags, and hair accessories. I design each item and don't work from patterns. I prefer the challenge and freedon of figuring things out on my own and changing them as I go!

Thank you Monica!  If you are a donating shop, please send me a bio so that I can feature you in an upcoming blog!

Lots of Love,
Jess...a.k.a. The Etsy Baby Shower

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  1. Cute shop! I especially like the little hat and shoes! :)