Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BABY SHOWER EVENT: Forum Blast Today!

The Forum Blast is an event that we created for the Fall 2009 shower. We hope everyone will take a moment to participate in the Forum Blast. It will only take a minute (unless you stick around to play with us)!

We have started several threads along themes in the Promotions forum. The idea is to keep these threads alive for the entire day, so no matter when you see this please take a moment to participate!  Here are the threads! Please check them out and comment in each one to help us keep it bumped for others to see!  Also feel free to provide more links to your shop or other participating shops within each category relevant to your products.

Baby Clothes and Shoes

Hats and Hairbows

Nursery Decor

Baby Blankets, Bibs, and Burp Cloths

Toys and Other Gifts

If you've followed the Forum Blast threads and ended up at this blog...Hello! If you're interested in participating in the baby shower:

We've reached our goal for gifts for this shower but we'd be happy to add you to the wait list for this shower! If we have enough gifts that roll in over the next week or so, we may be able to include some of our wait listed moms... so please EMAIL US!  If we're unable to take advantage of your generosity for this shower, we'll send you an email when we start the Spring/Summer 2010 baby shower in April for moms due May - August to see if you'd like to participate then.  You can see HERE for information about being a donating shop.

Information about being a receiving Mom will be posted on this blog in mid-April! Follow our blog!
P.S.  Hey Shops! Please take a peek at your Google Analtytics (or other statistical analysis tool) tomorrow and note whether or not you've seen an increase in traffic today!


  1. Hooray for forum fun!! This whole Etsy Baby Shower event is a total blast!! :D

  2. The Forum Blast is going well! I love it that we have both MOMS and SHOPS participating :) Thanks for playing with us!!

  3. Off to post in the threads! Many, many thanks to all of these wonderful shops for spoiling us new mamas!!

  4. BB* - our email address is in the left column! Send us an email...not sure if you want to be a donating shop, or a receiving mom. If you want to be a donating shop, we just need an email address to contact you for the next shower. OR you can let us know if you'd like to be on the wait list for THIS shower. If we get enough gifts, we'll be able to give to the moms on the wait list...