Thursday, February 11, 2010

Join us TODAY for the Virtual Baby Shower!

We hope you'll join us TODAY at NOON

Deniz and Jessica will both be on webcam so you can "meet" us and put some faces to the names! Whether you're planning to attend or not, we would really appreciate it if you would use facebook, twitter, blogs and other social media to promote this event! People do not need to have participated in the baby shower to come to the Virtual Baby Shower. ALL Etsy members are welcome! We have room for 100 people to join us at the Virtual Baby Shower and we'd love to have a full house!

In related news, we will choose the winner of yesterday's Blog Giveaway/Game at the shower. We'll be drawing the winner LIVE via webcam! If you entered, you must be present to win! 
Did you miss our blog game/giveaway?
Don't worry! There will also be a game/giveaway that starts at the shower!

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