Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Virtual Baby Shower is Coming - Giveaway Announced!

Hello everyone! A quick update and announcements from your hosts!  We're so pleased that many of the gifts have been sent and we've been receiving pictures of them to put in our Flickr album.  (If you haven't sent your pics yet, feel free to send them right away so we can post them!)

For the Winter 2010 Etsy Baby Shower, 
33 moms will be receiving 5 gifts each from 83 shops!  

We're seeing blogs about the baby shower and the generosity of the donating shops roll in. If you've written one, please send us a link so that we can post it here on the blog. Mommy blogs are in the right column and shop blogs are in the left column of this blog!

Last but not's almost time for the Virtual Baby Shower in the Etsy Virtual Labs.  There will be PRIZES at the baby shower for playing some hide and seek with us. We've got things for you to find in the shops that donated to the Etsy Baby Shower (see the complete list of donating shops on the right of this blog).

- ANY Etsy Member can participate in this giveaway. You do not have to have participated in the baby shower to play!
- We will only accept one entry per person.
- Each shop can only be used once as an answer.
- Each shop used must be on the donating shop list (see the complete list of donating shops in the right column of this blog)

How to Play:
- You must submit your answers to our email address no later than 11:59pm (EST) on February 10, 2010. - You must EMAIL US your name, Etsy username, and answers for all 10 questions.
- Participants who have valid answers for all 10 questions will be entered into a drawing to win a PRIZE!

- The winner will be chosen during the Virtual  Baby Shower (we'll be holding a drawing for the winner on webcam)
- YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT THE BABY SHOWER TO WIN! The Virtual Baby Shower will take place on Thursday, February 11, 2010 at NOON (Etsy Time) in the Etsy Virtual Labs.

The Game:
Find a product from the participating Etsy Baby Shower shops that might be what I am looking for.
  1. Takes a lot to keep clips in baby’s hair, I dare you to try.  Find me a hairclip that might want to fly.
  2. Takes nine months to choose a name, find something personalized for baby’s room to claim.
  3. It’s common knowledge, you should know...babies have the sweetest toes. Find me something green for babies feet.
  4. Find me a hat for a baby boy. Knit or fabric, either is a joy.
  5. Every baby needs something to cuddle. Find me a blanket with an animal you might snuggle.
  6. Lots of things for baby girl to play with, but I’m looking for a toy for a baby boy.
  7. I need something for baby’s wall. For boys or girls, could be for all.
  8. When baby spits up, you need something to catch it. Find a burp cloth and a bib to match it.
  9. I need a dress, something with yellow. Pretty dresses make baby mellow.
  10. Monsters aren’t just for Halloween. Find me something with a monster theme.

Please submit your answers in the following format:
1. I want to see a hat with pink. Pink is so cute, don't you think?

Any questions? Just email us!

Please spread the word about this giveaway and the Virtual Baby Shower! We have enough room in the Virtual Labs for 100 people to attend and we would love a full house! In addition to the game on this blog, we will have another game (with a prize!) at the baby shower!


  1. Let the games begin! Good luck everyone!

  2. How fun!! And I LOVE all the baby pics you guys added to the blog on the left side!!! SOOOOO cute to see all the fresh new babies!!!! Makes it all the more awesome to see who will be rockin the gifts!! :D

  3. So glad you like it :) Thanks for checking in on the blog and for participating in the shower!