Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet Lizzypops from the Winter 2010 Etsy Baby Shower

Bronwyn from Lizzypops is a full-time scientist, wife, and mother to two toddlers, Samuel, who's almost 3, and Dixon, who is almost 16 months. Bronwyn joined Etsy in December of 2007, although hasn't had the time to build her inventory the way she'd like she dearly loves her UniQuilts and says she has "eleventy jillion" ideas in her head.
The Lizzypops brand came from Bronwyn's itch to get back into crafting. It all started with the baby apron concept, which was shared by a friend. She put her own stylistic stamp on it and made it her own. Then Bronwyn inherited a pile of quilt tops from her great grandmother, and BAM! The UniQuilt concept was born.  Some of the best selling items are the UniQuilts, Supersize Me bibs, and baby aprons. 

Bronwyn has participated as both a donor and recipient in previous Etsy Baby Showers.  The three lucky moms matched with Lizzypops will be receiving Bronwyn's traditional baby shower gift: the newborn baby apron. It's great for pictures and for catching spit-ups and drool in those first few months.

Bronwyn always offers free shipping to anyone who takes the time to tell her how they discovered Lizzypops. In April, she'll be celebrating her 33rd birthday by offering a 33% discount on purchases over $20.

You can find Bronwyn on Ravelry, too, as BronwynRH

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