Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet Tracy from RunnerBean!

I'm Tracy, and I've been interested in art and crafts since I was little, drawing horses before Saturday morning cartoons, crafting tiny books about Quacky, my pet duck (I grew up in rural Maine and yes, I really did have a pet duck!), and weaving baskets of rope and yarn. Now I live in Vermont, and am a part time freelance graphic designer, and full time stay at home mom to an amazing 2 year old little girl - in my free time, I love to create very intricate things.

I opened my shop, runnerbean, a few years ago, looking for a place to sell some of my creations - mostly paper creations, but I occasionally throw in some jewelry pieces that are made with silver wire work. I also make little 3d paper dolls sculpted with rolled paper. I love the challenge of working very small.

I participated in an Etsy Baby Shower about two years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, and have wanted to participate as a donating shop since then. Now, I'm expecting again (and due in two weeks!) and am thrilled to be participating this time as both a donating shop and as an expectant mom.

Thank you so much Tracy!  Your work is amazing!

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