Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet Jill from Peanut Feet

My name is Jill, I am a "retired" interior designer that has taken Mommyhood on as a full time position! I am a proud Texan (only left for 3 years while my husband was in law school). I have two curious and wonderful kids(a 5 year old boy and a 1 year old girl), a crazy westie and a hard working husband.
I started designing socks just after Miss Peanut was born. She had tiny "peanut feet" that just screamed for cute socks. However nothing but the plain itty bitty newborn socks would work. I got out my craft box and some beads from my son's art desk and went to work and peanut feet grew from there…
My best-selling items are definitely my hair clips!  This is my second Etsy Baby Shower.  I am sending the mommies some hair clips in different sizes and some socks. 
As a bonus to readers of the Etsy Baby Shower Blog, I'll am offering 20% off with every purchase during May, June and July. Just mention the Etsy Baby Shower at checkout.
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  1. I used to adorn socks for a friend so I know what you mean! Those are waay cuter than mine were :-)

    Wonderful work!